Sam Adams Executive Chef/Partner

Some chefs just “get it.” Sam Adams is one of those rare birds; a self-taught culinary genius.

Born with a cooking spoon in his mouth, Sam has happy memories of his youth in the kitchen with his mother.
As year passed – all forty of them – he continued fine-tuning his myriad of eclectic talents in corporate restaurants, Mom-and-Pop eateries, and even his own sandwich place.

Today, Sam has mastered what he calls a “clear, concise and to the point” approach to fine food. This evolution, along with an intuitive rapport with clients, are quickly earning Three Sisters the reputation as Atlanta’s primary purveyor of outrageously good food.

Mattison Culinary Group’s highly-celebrated “Un-Gala” events at the Ringling Brothers Museum.

Molly Holway Director of Sales/Partner

With Sister Molly, it is always about people. She has spent her entire career in sales and marketing, learning early on the value of long and lasting relationships with her clients. To this day. this is her signature style. She is Three Sisters General Manager.

Molly first established herself in the biz at Atlanta’s iconic Rupert’s Night Club; the “hottest” ticket in the city back in the mid-eighties. From there she took on the “real business of off-premise catering” booking space and managing events for several of the city’s prestigious caterers and newly–renovated high-chic facilities. In 2005, she was on the Georgia Aquarium’s start-up team, in sales with Chef Wolfgang Puck. From there she scurried up the corporate ladder to manage sales for Atlanta’s legendary Tony Conway at A Legendary Event.

Kate Holway Sales/Partner

Kate is the sister who assures that every minute detail of your party is in place. From sales through operations and production, she is on a first name basis with every aspect of the catering business.

She didn’t get there overnight. Along with twenty plus years in Atlanta catering, Kate completed an eight-year stint training with chefs along Florida’s lush Gulf Coast. Among her many notable credits are working alongside entrepreneur Michael Novilla to open St. Petersburg’s avant garde Nova 535 event facility, and with Sarasota’s Mattison Culinary Group’s highly-celebrated “Un-Gala” events at the Ringling Brothers Museum.

Matthew Bent Executive Sous Chef

Matthew Bent is another gift that keeps on giving. Working hand-in-hand with Sam, Matthew is free to pursue his passion in the Three Sisters kitchen. He’s “edgy.” Original. Enthusiastic. He consistently comes up with food that’s fresh, fun and appealing to a new generation of foodies.

Matthew began his love affair with food as a Line Cook at a Sandals resort in His native Jamaica. Five years later – and still in his teens – he had worked his way up the food chain to become a Sous Chef at a leading Atlanta catering company. There he and Sam hooked up and the rest is history. The pair continues to put Three Sisters on the map with every single order that leaves our catering kitchen.

Ray Rosa Director of Operations

Like a dash of the secret spice which completes the perfect dish, Ray Rosa brings savoir faire to the Three Sisters mix. From a zesty Puerto Rican family passionate about food, his love affair with the culinary arts began at an early age.

Life in his family kitchen taught him that good food is the driving force behind any successful event inspiring a passion that continues today. After several summers at Universal Studios, a career in theatre production and stage management and work in Orlando’s hospitality industry, Ray finally got back to business – the food business – earning his culinary degree (with a concentration in pastry) from Le Cordon Bleu in Central Florida.

Ray recently joined the Three Sisters staff to assist with sales, production and, of course, culinary projects. He is the #1 Go-To Guy for any client need.  Give him a call.

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